House of Miffy (Nijntje)

the house of miffy
the house of miffy
the house of miffy
furniture for miffy

Client: Dick Bruna House, Centraal Museum

Location: Utrecht

Materials: Concrete, foam, fabric, blanket, wood, aluminium, cardboard, veneer, glass

Year: 2012

One overall ground plan turned the first floor of the Dick Bruna House into the House of Miffy. Remy&Veenhuizen have built a new house for Miffy with a kitchen, bedroom, a reading area, a hobby table and a garden. The house is filled with drawings, books, posters and other things designed by Dick Bruna, Miffy’s creator. Bruna uses simple forms and bright colours. A few lines are enough to suggest whether a figure is happy, angry or sad. The designers have been inspired by the work of Dick Bruna and have built Miffy’s new house as a life-size diorama with cartoon-style furniture and sets that represent the kitchen, the mantelpiece and the garden. To complete the house, they designed furniture which provokes a feeling or atmosphere of how real furniture for Miffy would look like, without copying the style of Dick Bruna.

The designers are well known for their playful work, often made from found materials. Using unusual techniques and materials, they transform second-hand objects into surprising and imaginative designs. The Centraal Museum has collected their designs since the 1990s.