'Honey I'm home!'

Material: Various existing furniture and home items, wood

Year: 2007

The title 'Honey I'm Home!' refers to the text Fred Flintstone used to call to his wife, coming home from the office, and points out the improvisational character of the shelves.  By working directly with the material, the designproces is partly skipped, which leaves room for the unexpected. The material chosen is an amalgam of objects you would normally find in your cupboard. By mixing those existing objects with building material they absorb each other and therefore eveything you place on the shelves becomes part of one image. They are not 'efficient' shelves but form a decadent picture of revalued everyday objects. Remy&Veenhuizen thus play with the notion of whether an object belongs to the designworld or merely to the designed world. In their world al kinds of objects can bring an exclusive experience.