Chest of Drawers 'You can't lay down your memory'

photo: bob goedewagen
Photo: Robaard/Theuwkens

Material: Used drawers, maplewood, jute strap

Year: 1991

The Chest of Drawers 'You can’t lay down your memory' were created during an exploration of the workings of the memory.

In memory art and -rhetoric, methods have been developed to train the memory. By relating situations and things with places in the house, memory art makes memories easy to call up. The same applies to the Chest of Drawers; by composing used, old drawers in a chaotic arrangement, the objects you place in a drawer obtain a particular spot on the chest. The chest is a metaphor for the memory system.

The Chest of Drawers is a collection of picked up drawers that have been given a new enclosure. These are then piled up on each other and held together with a furniture moving strap. The Chest of Drawers is a part of three products, with the Ragchair and the Milkbottle lamp, which formulate the following idea: make your own world with what you encounter, as Robinson Crusoë created his own paradise on his island.

The Chest of Drawers is part of the first collection of Droog Design.

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