't Stekje: Reefbench


Location: Province of Friesland

Material: Accoya wood


Inspired by the Reef Bench, 't Stekje (little site) is placed directly in nature next to cycling routes in the province of Friesland.

With simple means, Remy&Veenhuizen created a defined area. Contrary to what one would expect, the rolling shapes were not created by a computer. Its transparent slatted structure arose by experimenting with spatial models. “This way we keep our freedom of form”, Veenhuizen explains. By stacking their materials in an ingenious way, the designers discovered a method that allowed the slats to move slowly while the construction as a whole still remains solid. Thus, the wooden skeleton looks like an organic, almost living element. 

The wood chosen is a eco-friendly variant of a light colour: Accoya is a new type of wood. It is a so called acetylated coniferous wood type, which has the same properties as tropical hardwood. Treating it with acetic anhydride creates a sustainable wood that is almost impermeable to water and that is UV resistant. The wooden structure remains light in terms of weight as well as appeal through the use of Accoya.