Met mij alles goed' (I'm Allright)

Client: Eerste Hulp Bij Herinneringen (Carolien Euser, Rogier Dijkman, Margreet ’t Hart)

Location: Traveling

Material: Bamboo, Accidental Carpet

Year: 2009

Eerste Hulp Bij Herinneringen (First Aid Memories) is a project of Carolien Euser, Rogier Dijkman and Margreet ’t Hart. Since 2004 they collect stories on location  about childhood scars.

For the projects participation in the traveling exhibition 'Met mij alles goed' (I'm Allright) Remy&Veenhuizen designed an interview- and listening furniture set. Visitors can have conversations and listen to stories about childhood scars. The story database will be opened on location and eventually fills with over 100 stories.

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